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Mysticism - What is it?

Thomas Williams

20 Jul, 2015

In order to converse about mysticism today we need to come to a common understanding of mysticism. Today the term mysticism is used to describe a variety of experiences and understanding of those experiences; most of which is ego driven and ego supported and has very little to do with actual mysticism. So for the purposes of this writing I am focusing on the traditional Judeo-Christian understanding of mysticism which has its origins in over five thousand years of experience and understanding; having nothing to do with ego. 

As I to write on mysticism it will seem cryptic but, subsequent posts will elaborate and attempt to explain what is meant by each of the following cryptic statements:

MYSTICISM is the return to reality

  • our essence

  • our oneness in God

MYSTICISM is the return to the paradox 

  • beyond all understanding but is understood

  • beyond all knowledge but know

  • beyond on all experience but experienced